Mosquito Management Treatment Mosquito is a major annoyance pest that spread deadly diseases such as dengue, malaria, brain fever, and filariasis. If your surrounding is infestations with mosquito, it is very serious concern and extremely dangerous situation for your family. Mosquito are small pest, which create buzzing sound and lives on waste, drainage water, etc. some of them are live in clean water and invade your personal space, they transmit deadly diseases by biting and they are not effectively controlled. Overall, mosquitoes are a complete annoyance to you, your family, and your pets.

Pest Relief India is Mumbai based pest relief agency is the best suitable option of dealing with deadly mosquitoes. The professional schedule services every week with a combination of spraying Larvicide.

One time mosquito management treatment is offered in an extreme situation, which is carried out prior to events.

  • Mosquito Management Program: Pest Relief India offers mosquito management services for residential and commercial estimates. A complete inspection is carried out to identify mosquito breeding, then the suitable mosquito control treatment is carried out for your property.
  • Our Treatments Involved: Damage of larvae (Anti larval treatment):with the complete inspection of mosquito we spray mosquito larvicidal oil/target specific insecticide on infested stagnant water bodies such as a puddle, a tire filled with water, septic tanks, drainages, alas, accumulated rainwater, etc.
  • Destruction of adult mosquitoes (Adulticidal treatment – Spraying & Fogging):Spraying of residual insecticide throughout the property will be done on the loved places of mosquitoes such as outer water bodies, a wall of the building and upper structures, drainage etc. Approximate 2-meter band on the wall & floor from the external perimeter wall & floor junction, nearby gardens and trees and plants (Bushy vegetation), entry/exit doors, window, exhaust openings etc.
  • Fogging:The adulticidal (Spraying) treatment can be given with fogging with a suitable chemical during dusk hours when the mosquito/flying insect activity is maximum.