EFK with Glue PEST-O-RELIEFPest control is a vast term and with different kinds of pests, different techniques are used such as EFK glue for flying insects and EFK with grill, an electronic fly killer. Many people prefer these methods for pest control as the fly, mosquitoes and other insects that fly and sit anywhere spreading germs and viruses.

Sometimes these can be dangerous and cannot be removed permanently because of their day-by-day growing population. Many people prefer electronic fly machine killer in their homes, Restaurants, pharmaceutical unit, Operation Theater, food industries, hospitals, farmhouse, sweet shops, and other public places where flying pets are common.

EFK with Glue and EFK with Grill
Both the machines are an electronically operated machine that attracts insects, flies with their fragrance, and radiates ultraviolet rays that attract insects. Both machines contain powder-coated body for durability, UV tubes, and copper wire. Zinc for rust prevention, a tray for flies, PVC protected guard, and low power consumption system.

How do they kill insects?
The difference in both machines are one comes with glue board and other is zapper grill type and they both attract insects, in the same manner, using the UV lamps. The main difference is in their trap and killing method of insects. The Glue board machine attracts the insects or flies in a sticky board, another has grills or electrodes, which attract the flies, and when insects come in their contact, a zap sound comes — means instant killer of the machine has done its work.

While buying a machine always check for the reputable merchant that sells both fly killer machine and lamps or glue board separately. Do not get cheated for a big and well-renowned retailer for a reputable merchant. Keep your home safe from the insects for healthy environment.