Bed Bug Management Services Bed Bug a tiny wingless pest that lives on human and animal blood. This spice is mainly feed on human blood. Scientific name of bed bug is Cimex lectularius and Cimex hemipterus. Bed bugs known as cosmopolitian pest, attack all terms of environment they inhabitants in birds nest and trees roots. They are also found in human environment and commonly  seen in public places, hospitals, theaters, hostels and hotels.

Infant Bed Bugs is also know as hatchlings, this bugs are small and tiny in size with oval shape. Bugs and their eggs are visible with naked eyes. Adult Bed bugs appear in reddish color before feeding, after it gets turns in more red and brown color. Hatchlings color changes when feed as the color is not clear of infant bugs.

The spice named as bed bugs as they mostly found on beds, sofas, baggages, mattress and clothing. The growing problem of bed bugs attack all types of dwellings, homes, cargos army barracks, and shelters.They move from one place to another with people clothing and baggage.

Quick Bed Bugs Facts

Bed Bugs do not Fly

They Lives on Human and Animal Blood

They Travel through People Clothing and Baggage.

Bed Bugs Commonly found in homes, theatres, hotels and public places. But mostly lives in homes on furniture, sofas, mattress, clothing.

They are good at night, bugs bite on naked skin on face, arms, neck.

Bite of bugs is painless, but itching redness and rash are the common sign of bed bug bite.

Signs of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs get noticed when people complain of bites when they were asleep. Tiny little bumped on the skin with red rash is the common sign and symptoms of bed bugs bites. Look into every corner of bed linen, mattress, blankets for bugs and eggs. Also this can be seen in roots area of bed, mattress, cupboard furniture, wardrobe, dressing and wallpapers.

Carefully look into every dark surface of home for dark color bed bugs. A huge population of bugs create a smell just like coriander powder. If you found sign of bugs in homes get it treat it quick as soon as possible unless they cover large portion of your home.


For Bed Bugs Treatment throughout inspection of premises should be done. The common places where bugs found is bed, sofas, mattress, linen and storage etc. Full inspection is given to all cracks, bed, furniture, crevices in furniture, joints, sofas, and other places where the presence of bugs can be detected. Since bed bugs eggs are resistant to insecticide penetration, a second spray treatment is followed within 15 days to control new hatchings.
Pest control professional is the only permanent treatment for bed bugs. Since bed bugs eggs are resistant to insecticide penetration, a second spray treatment is followed within 15 days to control new hatchings.

If you spot bedbugs in the home, call a Pest Relief India Pvt. Ltd. and do not attempt to resolve the infestation. Bedbugs can spread from room to room in clothing, and trying to remove them yourself can often make the matter worse.