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FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

We control cockroaches, black/red ants, termites (white ants), bedbugs, wood borers (powder post beetles), rodents (rats, mice, bandicoots), psocids, flies, mosquitoes, lizards, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, fleas, stored product pest, weevils, beetles, weed and so on.
The charges depend on the type of service you opt. For different service there is a different charge as the chemicals to be applied differ for every pest and mode of treatment is different. You will have to make full payment for the service during our first treatment. Payment can be made by cash or cheque payable to beneficiary “Pest Relief India Pvt Ltd ”.
We operate an appointment booking system for our pest control service. These appointments are scheduled as per the customer’s convenience. Any change in the schedule at the last moment has to be informed to us a day in advance or before 8.30 am on the date of the service to avoid abortive visit charges and save time and money. (Office time 9.30am to 7.30 pm) However emergency treatments or treatment beyond 7 pm can be provided In case of an emergency you may contact us on our mobile nos.
Oil based chemicals have an immediate knock down effect and the results are obtained immediately but their effect is very short. Water based chemicals are residual contact chemicals; gel is a systemic chemical and has to be consumed by the cockroach hence it takes around 8 – 10 days to deliver the results.
Bedbugs hide in the cracks, crevices, thin gaps hence they have to be flushed out from these hiding places using oil based sprays. 90 – 95 % bedbugs are controlled in the first service. 5 – 10 % may remain behind. Pest Control Chemicals do not kill the eggs. Hence the second service is kept 21 days after the first service to kill the 5 – 10 % bedbugs remaining behind and the new bedbugs which hatch out from the eggs. After second service you should get a better Pest Relief .
Cockroach treatment takes around 30 to 40 min for a 1BHK flat; Bedbug treatment takes 1 – 1.5 hours. Termite treatment takes 2.5 - 3 hours
Gel treatment for cockroach does not have smell as the chemicals are odorless. You don’t have to vacate anything from the cabinets, cupboards; don’t have to keep the rooms closed or leave your premises after the treatment. In case of high pest infestation our pest control technicians will guide you on emptying the cabinets as felt necessary.  In bedbug treatment, oil based sprays where we use odour emitting chemicals. In this case we request you to limit the availability of members at your premises during treatment to one person and to leave the premises for a couple of hours after the treatment is concluded.
The household insecticides available in the market is temporary solutions which only kill the pests you see but spare those which are hidden. Professional pest control involves identification of the type of the pest, its harborages, elimination at its source - delivering long lasting solutions. How we work link The pest control technicians know the tricks of the trade hence you should leave the job to the professionals to get a safe and effective service.
Not really, the advanced technology and latest odourless chemicals used by us enables non-messy, non smelly cockroach treatment. In-fact the family can continue with its routine work during this treatment. It is not necessary to empty out the kitchen. They just apply gel spots where pests are likely to be active or hidden. It is relatively safe for kids, the aged and also pets. The chemical used for termite control are odourless but drilling into walls and floor has to be carried out. Those who are allergic to noise and dust are advised to stay away during the termite treatment. There are some treatments like bedbug treatment, oil based sprays where we use odour emitting chemicals. In this case we request you to limit the availability of members at your premises during treatment to one person and to leave the premises for a couple of hours after the treatment is concluded. We always advise our customers who are allergic to insecticides to remain away from the premises under treatment .
It depends upon the kind of pest control treatment being given. All pesticides are harmful. But chemicals used at home by reputed pest controllers are tested and proven for home use. These are chemicals developed for in-home public health application as against agricultural pesticides designed for field application which are more toxic. Secondly, targeted delivery at the right place and the correct dose makes all the difference. Reputed pest controllers take precaution to ensure the safety of humans and domestic pets. However for the safety of pets keeping in mind their habits it is advisable to keep the pets away from home at the time of treatment and for a couple of hours post treatment. Fish tanks should be kept covered with a bed sheet or a suitable cloth.
Use of boric powder mixed with flour for cockroaches is certainly not herbal even if it is called so. By and large it is found to be less effective too.
No. Professional Pest Control operators use specially developed pesticides which do not stain or damage furniture.


While clean and hygienic conditions do prevent rapid growth of cockroaches in the house, cockroaches may still enter through drain pipes or invade your house along with groceries, crates, gas cylinders etc. Sometimes they creep in through the neighbouring infested premises. Sometimes they fly into your house. Many a times their eggs reach your house by various means resulting in 15 – 25 cockroaches emerging from a single egg at a time.
A new house may be free from cockroaches however when you shift your household goods, they move in along with them. They hide in cracks or crevices and start multiplying rapidly over a period of time. Cockroaches also enter your home through drainpipes or may hitch hike along with the groceries, crates, gas cylinders etc. In a new flat you may sometimes find American cockroaches coming from drains. After a couple of months of occupancy the cockroaches start breeding and multiply. The effective solution is to call a professional pest control company to get rid of these pests.
Progressive companies / Chemical manufacturers have introduced revolutionary gel-bait technology. This technology eliminates large scale spraying of chemicals, hence avoiding direct exposure of chemicals to residents. Gel-bait is a mix of food attractant plus toxicant added at low dosage. The treatment is carried out by placing tiny gel spots in cockroach hideouts. Cockroaches get attracted to the gel and feed on it. They pass on the gel to other cockroaches when they touch each other. The gel is designed to kill slowly so that they pass on the poison to as many cockroaches as possible. This ensures that cockroaches that are hidden in their nests also get killed giving you total relief. Dead cockroaches are eaten by the live cockroaches so the chemical gets transferred into the body of live cockroaches and they die. Hence this Gel Baiting and odourless spot spraying treatment is the safest way to control cockroaches at a home having infants or small children.
Up to 40 young ones can emerge from a single Cockroach egg. On hatching these young ones start feeding on the gel and subsequently die. Cockroaches also come in along with grocery bags, gas cylinder, drainage pipes, etc. However, you can rest assured that they will get attracted to the gel and die. In case you see a few cockroaches you should not use any other chemical spray or aerosol as it will render the gel ineffective. Cockroaches repel with the spray smell and hence do not consume the gel so they continue to remain alive and move around. IF there are food particles readily available for cockroaches in the night then it is possible that some of the cockroaches may refrain from consuming the gel hence they remain alive. In case of heavy infestation some cockroaches survive. In such a case contact the pest control agency and get the follow up inspection & treatment done. Corrugated boxes and plastic bags serve as an ideal place for cockroaches to hide and breed hence avoid storing them for long periods.
It depends on the technology used. If you have taken the advanced gel technology service, please follow the steps given below to get maximum benefit: a) In case you see a few cockroaches after the service, you should not use any chemical spray as this will render the gel ineffective, they will repel the cockroaches away from the gel.  b) While cleaning ensure you should not wash or wipe off the gel spots. c) Keep your kitchen platform, dining table, wash basin, garbage area free from food spills, cover the garbage bin with an intact cover especially during nights.  d) Avoid keeping unwashed utensils in sink or at least fill them with soapy water.  e) Keep food in sealed containers. f) Avoid direct water spray on gels spots during cleaning activity.


These white ants or termites. They originate from the ground (foundation) and move upwards in mud tubes. They feed on wood, paper or anything containing cellulose. They attack your furniture, doors, fixtures, documents, clothes and even currency notes. When you see a mud tube it means millions of termites are working 24 hrs a day damaging your property. They move in mud tubes as they cannot survive in high temperatures.
It is advisable to get the raw wood ( ply wood sheets / commercial wood ) thoroughly treated with suitable termiticide to prevent it from termite infestation. The termiticide spray applied to raw wood by a professional pest control agency gets absorbed in the wood from all surfaces and gives long lasting effect compared to termiticide application with brush by a carpenter.
This is a tall claim for protection against termites unless chemicals have been impregnated into the wood before processing. The termites move from the ground to feed on wood and paper. A well seasoned timber from mature teak tree has been known to be safe from termite attacks. The natural oil present in the wood repels termites. However termites have been known to attack teak wood also. Hence it is advisable to get the teak wood treated as well.
If your neighbour has got the anti-termite treatment done, the termites will start moving towards new untreated zones, which could probably be your house. Termites live in the soil and invade buildings in search of their favourite food i.e. wood and paper (anything containing cellulose). They are known to be hidden invaders and destroy property worth millions. The only way to prevent this is to take pest control service from a reputed company for your house.
Though the termites live in the soil, they are known to infest even high rise buildings having more than 100 storeys, moving all the way from ground/ foundation to the top floor. Rats are also known to be excellent climbers and use drain pipes, electric cables, lift shafts etc. to reach the top floors.
The white powder on the wood could be fungus or pale yellow wood powder coming from tiny holes in the wood due to wood borer infestation. Call PRI for an inspection & treatment.
This is a typical sign of wood borer infestation. These are tiny cylindrical brownish or black insects. They are also known as powder post beetles because they convert wood into fine powder. They feed extensively and live for many months. These insects make a pin head size hole on the wooden surface causing white powder residues known as frass to emerge from them. This is the first sign of infestation. Only professional pest controller can provide the solution.


These pests are not limited to any one specific type of dwelling. Pest control companies have been reporting the infestations everywhere including single family homes, multi-family housing, apartments, hotels, hospitals, schools and college campuses, office buildings, retail stores, movie theaters and even public transportation. Nowadays, even five-star hotels and high-end clothing stores are susceptible to infestation.
Bedbugs should not be equated with filth or sanitation problems -- in hotels or in homes, for that matter. Bedbugs are very elusive, transient pests. They are often found in other areas besides the bed. And they are hardy. They can live for a year or more without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Bedbugs can be controlled with vigilance, constant inspection and treatment by professional pest control companies.
To prevent bedbug infestations, consumers need to be vigilant in assessing their surroundings. When returning from a trip, check your luggage and clothing. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control professional. This is not a pest that can be controlled with do-it- yourself measures.
Bedbugs leave itchy, bloody welts on human skin. Adult bedbugs can live for a year without eating, making them especially hard to control. Once inside a hotel or home, bed bugs spread rapidly from room to room - through pipes, in vacuum cleaners, on clothing and luggage. In a hotel, bed bugs can even spread to neighboring rooms, since guests are may end up moving to another room.
Bedbugs are not just in beds. They can be in chair cushions, sofas, behind electrical outlets, cracks and crevices around baseboards, or even behind picture frames. In other words, they can be live pretty much anywhere.
Any effective bedbug control strategy should start with a careful, thorough inspection by a pest control professional of all known and suspected spots where the bugs may be harboring. This is not a pest that can be controlled effectively with do-it- yourself measures. As they are discovered, the pest control professional will develop a treatment and control strategy with the customer depending on the extent of the infestation.


Mosquitoes transmit human diseases which are potentially fatal.
Many homeowners erroneously believe that all pest management professionals do is spray chemicals to treat their homes. This is simply not true anymore. Many pest management professionals today use an Integrated Pest Management or IPM approach. IPM controls pests by getting rid of the three things they need to survive: food, shelter and water. Consumer education is a vital part of any IPM program. This approach consists of inspection, identification of the pests, employment of two or more control measures, and evaluation of effectiveness through follow-up inspections.
The length of effectiveness is dependent upon several variables including temperature, humidity, surfaces treated, materials or control methods employed. The time lapse between treatments depends upon these factors and specifically the materials used.
There are many ways a homeowner can reduce the risks from mosquitoes:
  • Eliminate or reduce mosquito breeding sites by replacing all standing water at least once a week. This includes bird baths, ponds and swimming pools.
  • Remove unneeded vegetation or trash from around any standing water sources that cannot be changed, dumped or removed. junction treatment. The complete combination of chemicals used in this service is without any smell and are more effective than the conventional spraying methods.
  • Introduce mosquito-eating fish such as guppy fish in standing water.
  • Screen windows, doors, and other openings with fine mesh, sealing around all screen edges and keeping doors and windows shut to prevent entry.
  • Avoid going outdoors when and where mosquitoes are most active: during dusk or dawn.
  • Use repellent on exposed skin whenever and wherever mosquitoes are likely to bite.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants, preferably treated with a repellent as well.
There are five important reasons why you should rely on us:
  • Our approach is first and foremost to understand your individual needs.
  • We design the best pest control service package with emphasis on safety.
  • The services are executed by our well trained, experienced technicians under the guidance of our technically qualified operations team.
  • We communicate with you before, during and after treatments to keep you informed.
  • We partner with our customers to identify the cause – we do not just treat the symptoms of any pest infestation – we establish long term solutions that focus on prevention.
Prevention is better than cure and you should ensure your premises remain pest free as infestations can cause:
  • Health risks
  • Structural damage & Fires
  • Damage to stock / goods / property
  • Business to close due to a damaged reputation
  • Costs of pest eradication would be much more due to their population build up
Some people may see professional pest control as a luxury they can do without. They may try to overcome potential pest problems on their own. Effective pest control is a complex process that requires a great deal of knowledge and training. Doing a pest control yourself without the benefit of correctly identifying pest or knowing their habits may lead to a much bigger pest problem which may reach exploding infestation levels. In the end the cost can be far greater than it would have been if a professional pest control agency had been hired initially. Why try to do it yourself when we can do it for you...with guaranteed results! Give a call today to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection. We're here to help you keep annoying pests out of your premises and out of your life!!
D1 – DENY ENTRY to pest into your premises.
D2 – DENY SHELTER to pest inside your premises.
D3 – DENY FOOD to pest inside your premises.
D4 – If you fail to comply with the above three prevention aspects then CALL US ON 022 – 60601023 to DESTROY the pest.
THE M/s. PEST RELIEF INDIA PEST CONTROL SERVICES GUARANTEE Caring for your health, food, property and environment is our business. We're not satisfied until you're satisfied. If you sign up for our Annual Pest Control Program and pests show up in your premises even after our contractual treatments are executed, we'll return, inspect the premises to determine the route cause for pest resurgence and retreat any affected areas at no additional charge. M/s. PEST RELIEF INDIA PEST CONTROL SERVICES guarantees you will receive our best possible service quality, always…. WE'LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR UNWELCOME GUESTS – GUARANTEED!!