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Household Pest Management Service (HPMS)

PEST COVERED: Cockroaches, red ants, black ants, silver fish.

HPMS provides protection against crawling insect pests such as cockroaches, red and black ants and silver fish. Crawling pests can be found anywhere, be it homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, factories etc. Not only do they contaminate food and utensils but really spread disease causing organisms leading to dysentery, diarrhoea, food poisoning and asthma. They can also leave dark stains and foul odors leading to very unpleasant and unhygienic conditions sometimes.

Treatment :

  • Low Dose Gel Baiting technology that provides maximum efficacy against cockroach and no impact on human.
  • Odorless liquid pesticide formulation sprays will be applied at crack and crevice, spot treatment and wall & floor junction treatment. The complete combination of chemicals used in this service is without any smell and are more effective than the conventional spraying methods.

Frequency :

  • Usually 3 services per annum at 4 months interval each for residential premises. For any other type of premises, the frequency varies depending on level of infestation, hygienic conditions, housekeeping practices and so on.