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Electrical flying insect control system Excellent for kitchens, restaurants, pharmaceutical units, hospitals, operation theaters, sweet shops, food industries, breweries, dairies, Farmhouse and other places where flying insects are a problem.


In your premises shows your customers or guests that you really care for cleanliness. Flies are carriers of germs causing various dreadful diseases. They sit on garbage and other filthy places, pick up germs which stick to their bodies and transmit the same to your food.

Technical Specifications:

  • Powder coated body for long lasting & durability
  • Phillips UV Tubes
  • Copper wiring and Copper choke for electricity saving
  • Rugged 3 KV transformer
  • Zinc coated grid to prevent rusting
  • Collection tray for killed flies
  • PVC coated guard to avoid shock
  • Low power consumption
  • Machine comes with 1 year maintenance warranty (except tube)
  • Available in two model with dimensions 24×4.5×16 and 19x4x12 (in inches)

Area cover with one machine : 100 Sq.m.

Machine Dimension Details:

Sr. No Type of Model Dimension in inch (LxBxH)
1 High line Machine (Grill) 24×4.5×16
2 Low line Machine  (Grill/Glue) 19x4x12

Warranty: One year warranty for manufacturing defect except Tube light.