Red ants or fire ants or black ants are an unnecessary part of a house. People living in the house especially children are a target of these ants. People are always afraid of these ants because these are quite destructive and aggressive, their sting can create an allergic reaction. Later it may result in nausea or vomiting.

If a person disturbs their mound or anthill, they get very angry and destructive; they can aggressively sting and bring swelling and reaction. These ants are not only dangerous for people But it has the capacity to damage buildings and homes. They make their home below the building and can attack vegetable garden to its end. They eat the top of the vegetables and leave the rest of vegetable.

Fire Ant Control Methods

The pest management service suggests that fire ant should be treated in the summer because they grow their colonies in huge number. Moreover, they suggest people not to treat fire ants molds themselves, as it can be dangerous. Hence, taking help of Pest Control Company is safe.

They apply the chemical around the ant’s mound in order to avoid disturbing the ant. If the area around the mound is wet, it reduces the effectiveness of treatment. Thus, late afternoon is the best time for treatment.

Prevention from Red Ants

There are various ways to destroy the colonies of ant and make homeless friendly for them.

  • Keep the floor clean and wipe the entire food spill on the floor.
  • Clean Up the loft over pet food because ant fed on it
  • Compost bin in the garden should be tightly sealed
  • Keep the food and sweets in tightly sealed containers
  • Pest control in the garden so that it won’t eat vegetable and leaves